This is a great conversation on creativity with Ben Folds and Andy Grammer.

📷 🌱 My green space.

What client does everyone use for @microblog on their phones? I know of Micro.Blog proper, gluon, and sunlit. Curious to what others use and perceived advantages.

Refinements Part 2

So I changed all kinds of things to my ecosystem. Firstly, I changed to the Tuft theme so kindly created by @pimoore . It’s in use for here at and on Infantry WTF? which isn’t officially started yet. Since last refinement I also moved to my own Mastodon instance. At this point there are the two blogs hosted here at Micro.Blog. I am considering putting more writing that is obscure, rough, not advertised on a Listed blog.

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The weekend October 24, 2021

I’ve decided every Sunday I am going to attempt to summarize the weekend and what happenings went on. I’m sure everyone will find it so But it gives me something to write about, practice, practice, practice. So, I started out with a complete wipe of my laptop to get me off to a fresh start. I’m pretty settled on the Apps I needed and I don’t want to have to much extra.

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I have a my first Homepod Mini coming that will replace my echo in the living room. I’m looking foreward to playing with it.

“Veep” is one of those shows I have always been interested in watching but never have. Now there is “Second in Command: A Veep Rewatch” podcast. They are just on episode two so it’s not to late, so I’m going to jump in.

Photos made me a memories for the outdoors…cover photo is a picture of tornado

For those of you with mastodon accounts, I noticed some of you have the Micro.Blog icon following your name. Can you share the deets on how to make that happen.

Thanks! Tim

My ★★★½ review of Dune on Letterboxd:

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